MDF vs Baltic Birch

What are the differences between MDF and Baltic Birch?

The materials we use for our laser cut artwork are either Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or Baltic Birch.

The MDF board was our original material of choice due to its hardness and durability.  However, it is not meant for long exterior exposure.  So we decided to perform our own test and soaked several cut pieces submerged in water for 2 weeks.  The result was minor swelling.  We did the same test on pieces sealed with our products with a result of no swelling at all!  Several of our customers have had our sealed MDF laser art hung in their covered lanais and front porches for over 2 years with not apparent swelling whatsoever!


we had a customer who was a little concerned about the possible swelling issue of the MDF.  He informed us that he wanted to hang his laser art on the outside of his house totally exposed to the elements and sun.  So we began our search for a suitable wood to cut on the laser and also the withstand the elements!  We decided upon Baltic birch which is a natural wood that contains layers in varied thickness. The two outer layers have wood grain that runs lengthwise and the inner layers have alternating vertical grain and horizontal grain, which provides increased strength and resistance to warping or moisture damage.  The cost of this material is more expensive than the MDF and takes longer to cut on the laser......hence our slightly higher price for the Baltic Birch artwork.